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work with a specific "glass master"

we can arrange your custom glass works to be actually made by a specific "glass masters" or their exclusive team if they have one.   just let us know and we'll try to arrange your request and make it a reality

your precise hot glass project will be made exclusively for you by a specifically requested "glass master" or their personal team of your choice.  as a value added bonus, we could even include you personally in the effort by having you work directly with the "glass masters".  granted, the price of your project will also reflect this special service.  this experience will be more than worth the additional expense.  our expectations are that you will find this experience in lighting, riveting and extremely rewarding. 

you might have slightly less input in the artistic creativity portion of your product, if you choose this �glass master� program.   you will still have the same stringent requirement controls of your specific glass assignment as you would have with any option.

in some situations and depending upon the arrangements that some artists may have with individual galleries.  we would contact a gallery that represents those specific artists that would be working with your custom project to avoid any conflict of professional interest.  the galleries that we use are already confirmed with us as flow-through partners.  making this entire process attractive and more affordable for both the gallery, and as well as for you...



custom art glass productions

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