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robert kaindl is our featured �glass artist� and he has often orchestrated several of our sophisticated and exceedingly difficult high-end productions.

robert kaindlkaindl has been extremely fortunate to train under and work with some of the world�s most well-known glass artists.

even in this short time, kaindl has focused on driving his skills set by the pure desire to develop and create without abandon.   his passion for hot glass and remarkable natural talents helps guide his dedication.  his exciting works range from complex projects to leading edge large-scale art glass works themselves.  his ability to create extremely beautiful custom pieces for his clients have been based on his vision and creative imagination, unique use of design skills, prospective of color and texture concepts, along with communicating his demands to his teams while understanding of the scale and scope of the project.

kaindl's exciting works are beginning to command a wider range of creations. daunting glass projects and risky creative concepts have not even eluded his capture.  his unrelenting demands and groundbreaking creations have inspired new concepts. pushing the limits along the way for the continual pursuit of furthering the developments of contemporary glass art are well within his sight.

kaindl is continuously attempting to replicate the creative pursuit of flawless glass expressionism.  of which, persistently challenges his limits of strength while allowing himself pause for the sheer enjoyment of his next inspired artistic accomplishment.

maybe one day soon, he will pilot your next project...




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